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In the tapestry of global observances, International Men’s Day, marked on November 19th, holds a significant place. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the achievements and contributions of men to society, family, marriage, and child care, and also to highlight the issues they face. The theme for International Men’s Day 2023, centered on promoting men’s mental health, brings to light an often overlooked yet critical aspect of overall wellbeing. Our campaign and online awareness project for men, are aiming to play a pivotal role in this arena, through our brotherhood contribution of speaking up.

Why Celebrate International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it is a day to acknowledge the positive value men bring to the world, their families, and communities. It highlights positive male role models and raises awareness of men’s well-being. This day also provides an opportunity to address various issues men face, including mental health challenges, societal expectations, and stereotypes. It is a day to promote gender equality, by focusing on areas that need attention to achieve balance and harmony between genders.

The Importance of Focusing on Men’s Mental Health

For a long time, mental health issues have been a societal blind spot, more so for men due to longstanding stereotypes and cultural norms. Men have often been conditioned to suppress emotions, adhere to tough exteriors, and avoid seeking help. This has led to a crisis where men are less likely to reach out for mental health support, contributing to higher rates of untreated depression, anxiety, and unfortunately, suicide.

The statistics are alarming. According to recent studies, men are at a higher risk of suicide compared to women, and they are also less likely to access mental health services. This highlights the urgent need for more resources and supportive communities to address men’s mental health issues. An Awareness Project for Men’s Mental Health stands as a testament to the efforts being made to bridge this gap. Currently as a social and online platform dedicated to supporting men’s mental health through encouragement of speaking up in-person or online, offers information, support networks, and advocacy for men struggling with mental health challenges through inspiration, quotes, storytelling and collaborative content share. Our goal at #MenTELLHealth is to provide an encouragement for men to feel safe when needed to express their emotions, share their experiences, and seek professional help when needed. We believe our online and in-person project is crucial, especially on a day like International Men’s Day, where the focus is on uplifting and supporting men in every aspect of their lives.

The Significance of #MenTELLHealth

The hashtag #MenTELLHealth has become a movement in itself, creating an online community where men can engage in conversations about mental health without stigma. It’s a call to action for men to speak up, share their stories, and support one another. This hashtag also plays a vital role in spreading awareness and breaking down barriers that prevent men from seeking help.

Celebrating International Men’s Day 2023

International Men’s Day 2023 presents a unique opportunity to shine a light on men’s mental health. It’s a day to encourage men to talk openly about their mental well-being, to seek support when needed, and to know that they are not alone in their struggles. Celebrating this day involves recognizing the efforts of online awareness campaigns like, promoting the #MenTELLHealth movement, and advocating for more inclusive and accessible mental health resources for men.

As we celebrate International Men’s Day 2023, it’s imperative to reflect on the importance of men’s mental health.

Societal progress depends on the well-being of all its members, and addressing the mental health needs of men is a critical step towards a healthier, more resilient society.

Through our growing awareness project, and the various initiatives like #MenTELLHealth, we as a community in-person or online can create a world where men feel empowered to seek help, share their experiences, and contribute positively to their communities.

Let’s use this day to advocate, support, and celebrate the mental health of men across the globe.

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