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Welcome to Middle Fingers Up, the show where we keep our heads high and our middle fingers higher. We explore relationships, mental health and everything in between.

Join us for a heartfelt episode dedicated to Men’s Mental Health Month as I sit down with Zak Hussein of Calgary, a prominent Canadian podcaster to explore the campaign’s launch.

This empowering endeavour extends an invitation to individuals to embrace hope, courage, and find solace within a supportive community where men can openly express their deepest thoughts and share strategies for navigating challenging times.

Zak Hussein graciously opens up about his personal struggles, recounting the silent suffering that once led him down a dark path. Today, he proudly emphasizes how this campaign shines as a beacon, illuminating the presence of light and inspiring hope for all.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Zak Hussein. Together, let’s stand with MenTell, demonstrating our unwavering support for men as they embrace accountability, vulnerability, and pursue a healthy life.

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