For some, winter is not just cold but lonely. This November 1st till the end of the month, we have come together at MenTELL Health project to create a campaign that is called #WarmthInWords where we encourage you to share a snippet of what brings light to your darker days.

Let’s be each other’s sunshine and share your winter solace with us online or in-person to encourage hope as your story may be the warmth that a brother needs.


Let’s Bring Light to Darkness this Winter

For many of us, the long, dark and cold winter months can be difficult on the mind and our well-being. Today, let's record, tag @MenTELL.ca on Instagram and let's open up the conversation on men's mental well being through the month of November 2023.

Record a Video

Record an inspiring short video on how you navigate the colder months. Use the hashtag #WarmthInWords and tag @MenTELLca on Instagram to support men's mental health and encourage others to learn, engage, and grow together.

Upload and Share Your Video

Share your inspiring and positive short video showcasing your strategies for coping with the winter months on social media. Use the hashtag #WarmthInWords and tag @MenTELLca, joining a supportive community dedicated to men's mental health, learning, and growth.

Learn & Engage in Conversations

Step forward and raise your voice for men's mental health. Your story on social media could inspire another man to speak up, engage, learn, and grow stronger in their own journey.