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Zak H. is a Calgary based technology and digital media entrepreneur that was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (East Africa) and migrated with his family at a young age where they made Canada home.

After the loss of his mother and the challenges he faced within himself with mental health and depression of an all time low, Zak decided to go deeper within himself, get sober which resulted in Zak needing an outlet as his social life had changed and loneliness occurred.

In 2021, Zak decided to launch the Canadian Podcast ( which is a homegrown show that has its studio based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Zak Hussein is the founder of, a awareness project to help break the stigma of men's mental health across Canada.

The Canadian Podcast Show ( highlights guests from all walks of life as they share their story on what they have learned thus far to better themselves, their place of work and the community that they work, thrive and live in.

Through the Canadian Podcast, Zak has learned valuable lessons and insights from humans of all walks of life and has a first-hand understanding on the importance of taking care of yourself, being gentle and kind to yourself, which translated into being there for others once you feel better.

In June of 2023, Zak decided to bring a group of men from various walks of life together from across our nation of Canada to launch and create a social media, online and in-person awareness to Men’s Mental Health as June is men’s mental health month.

As an entrepreneur in the digital realm, Zak decided that the branding of the name will be ‘MenTELL Health’ which is a passion project dedicated to fostering men’s mental health awareness.

Zak believes that as one, our community can come together and work together through the grassroots to help each other with shattering the silence and erasing stigma by encouraging open dialogue and empowering men to speak up about their struggles when it comes to their mental well-being.

In his own journey, Zak found the help through members of the community that were online and in-person, and strongly believes that no one is alone out there, even when we may feel it at times.

The MenTELL Health campaign objective of #MenTELLHealth is to bring awareness and diminish the stigma surrounding men’s mental health in the Month of June 2023.

As the team grows, we hope to add more months with various challenges for others across the nation to participate in through online objectives or in-person, the goal is to just speak up and let others know that it is also okay to share on what you’re going through by building, fostering and nurturing your own circles of support.

Zak has outlined that the team’s goal and mission of is to create an online and in-person voice where men can unite, share their experiences, and find solace by opening up about their struggles publicly or privately with the people that they trust or find comfort and solace in.

By encouraging men to speak up and release the emotional burden that hinders their personal growth, Zak and his team at MenTELL Health ( aims to facilitate a transition towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life for all individuals involved.

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