Breaking the Silence
Men's Mental Health Awareness

Join us this June to empower and support mental well-being for men.

Men Helping Men Survive Themselves.

Join us in our transformative movement to prioritize men’s mental health across Canada.

MenTELL.ca is back for its second year, continuing our mission to break the silence and stigma surrounding men’s mental health.

Throughout the month of June, we’re launching a groundbreaking social media and in-person campaign aimed at encouraging open conversations, raising awareness, and providing essential support for men who may be suffering in silence.

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Men’s Mental Health Month

Empowering Men's Minds, Transforming Lives: Join the Movement for Mental Well-being

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Championing Men's Mental Health: Breaking Stigma, Building Support

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Knowledge is Power: Explore Resources for Men's Mental Wellness

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From Struggle to Strength: Inspiring Narratives of Resilience

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Our contributors, ambassadors and team members add pieces of content in thoughts, tools and tips to help get the conversations started around men’s mental health and men’s mental wellness.

Fitness and Mindfulness

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Community Corner

Building a Support System: How to Find Your Tribe

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Strength in Sharing

Finding Brotherhood: A Journey Through Male Friendships

Hey there, Today, I'm sharing a story that's been brewing inside me for quite some time, one I've never had the courage to voice until now. You see, like many…
Tools for Resilience

Discovering Your Ikigai: The Path to Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

In an increasingly complex world, the quest for personal fulfillment and purpose remains central to many of our lives. A powerful concept that addresses this quest is the Japanese idea…