#WarmthInWords this Winter

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Strength is found in vulnerability. Share a video of what’s touched your heart during the long, dark winter months.

Together, we find courage in openness.

Record a Video

Record an inspiring short video on how you navigate the colder months. Use the hashtag #WarmthInWords and tag @MenTELLca on Instagram to support men’s mental health and encourage others to learn, engage, and grow together.

Share On Social Media

Share your inspiring and positive short video showcasing your strategies for coping with the winter months on social media. Use the hashtag #WarmthInWords and tag @MenTELLca, joining a supportive community dedicated to men’s mental health, learning, and growth.

Encourage Another Brother

Step forward and raise your voice for men’s mental health. Your story on social media could inspire another man to speak up, engage, learn, and grow stronger in their own journey.



The #WarmthInWords campaign this winter season is an online and in-person awareness initiative for men from all walks of life to come together and share stories, activities, and mantras that have seen them through the colder months. It's about recognizing that when we speak our truths, share our passions, and let our guards down, we create warmth that can counteract the chill of winter.


Inspire A Brother

Record and Share a video of yourself letting others know on a favourite tip, quote or an activity that you enjoy doing for your mental well-being during the winter months.

Let’s encourage others this this winter as it’s getting colder, the days are shorter and our minds can play interesting tricks on us. Today and everyday is a reason to bring awareness to Men’s Mental Health by speaking up and ending the stigma.



Bring some Warmth this Winter!
Record + Share a video of yourself on social media by giving a tip, quote, mantra or an activity that helps you win your battles on a through the dark, short and cold winter season with the hashtag #WarmthInWords and invite/collaborate/tag us on Instagram @MenTELL.ca to help spread the message.



Our campaign objective of #MenTELLHealth is to bring awareness and diminish the stigma surrounding men’s mental health.

The mission of MenTELL.ca is to create an online and in-person voice where men can unite, share their experiences, and find solace by opening up about their struggles. By encouraging men to speak up and release the emotional burden that hinders their personal growth, we aim to facilitate a transition towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life for all individuals involved.

Our Mission

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