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[Canada, May 8, 2024] –, a leading advocate for men’s mental health, is proud to announce the launch of its annual Men’s Mental Health Month campaign this June. Founded by digital media and tech entrepreneur, Zak Hussein of Calgary, Alta, Canada and a core group of men from coast-to-coast in Canada, is dedicated to breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental health issues among men across Canada.

The campaign, now in its second year, invites men from all walks of life to share their experiences and what helps them maintain mental wellness through videos, photos, and written stories. These contributions will be shared on social media with the hashtags #MenTELLHealth and #SpeakUpForMenTELLHealth, aiming to foster a community of support and awareness.

Why Men’s Mental Health?
Men’s mental health remains a critical issue in Canada, with alarming statistics underscoring the urgent need for action. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, men are four times more likely to die by suicide than women, and over 75% of suicides in Canada are committed by men. Furthermore, a report by Statistics Canada reveals that approximately 10% of men experience symptoms of depression during their lifetimes, yet many do not seek help due to stigma or lack of awareness. These figures highlight the pervasive challenges men face in accessing and receiving mental health care, emphasizing the importance of initiatives like that strive to break the silence and provide support.

Below are some of the key highlights of the statistics regarding men’s mental health challenges in Canada that are recorded – imagine the undisclosed epidemic:

  1. High Suicide Rates Among Men:
    • Nearly 75% of suicide deaths in Canada each year are men, illustrating a significant gender disparity in suicide incidence (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2020).
    • Indigenous men and men from sexual and gender minority groups are particularly vulnerable, experiencing higher rates of suicidal behavior compared to the general male population (Statistics Canada, 2019).
  2. Impact of Societal Expectations:
    • Men living in environments with strict masculine norms such as strength, toughness, and stoicism are at higher risk for suicide. These societal expectations can hinder men from recognizing mental health issues and seeking help (Vogel & Heath, 2016).
  3. Mental Health and Substance Use:
    • There is a strong correlation between alcohol use and increased risk of suicide among men. Men are more likely than women to have higher blood alcohol levels at the time of suicide (Kaplan et al., 2013).
  4. Challenges in Recognizing Depression:
    • Depression in men can often manifest differently than it does in women, potentially appearing as increased irritability, anger, or impulsivity. These symptoms can make it difficult for men, their loved ones, and healthcare providers to recognize and address the underlying mental health issues (Seidler et al., 2016).
  5. Effects of Social Isolation:
    • Men who are socially isolated or have experienced significant relationship breakdowns are at an increased risk for depression and suicidal thoughts (Evans et al., 2016).
  6. COVID-19 Impact:
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated known risk factors for suicide among men, including psychological distress, job loss, and increased substance use. These effects have been more pronounced among marginalized groups, such as Indigenous men and sexual and gender minority men (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2021).

These are some of the statistics that highlight the urgent need for targeted mental health support and initiatives like that focus on breaking the stigma and providing the awareness piece to be proactive in having the conversations surrounding men’s mental health and for men across different demographics in Canada.


Participation from Coast to Coast
Participants are encouraged to share a short video, photo, or message detailing personal tools and narratives that contribute to their mental health. This could be a favorite quote, book, activity, or song—anything that provides mental support. The campaign’s inclusive approach ensures that even those who prefer not to speak out can still participate by sharing a photo or written message.

A Call to Action from Zak Hussein
“Our mission is clear: we want to shatter the barriers of silence that too often surround men’s mental health,” said Zak Hussein, founder of “By sharing your stories, you’re not just raising awareness—you’re potentially saving lives. This is more than a campaign; it’s a community movement where every voice can lead to meaningful change.”

About is a online awareness content platform dedicated to supporting men’s mental health and wellness across Canada by encouraging men to speak up, find trusted circles or groups online or in-person to end the suffering in silence. Founded with the vision to create a space where men can openly share and address their mental health challenges, provides resources, support, and advocacy for mental wellness.

How to Get Involved
Individuals and organizations interested in joining the campaign or learning more about can visit Media inquiries can be directed to Zak Hussein at the contact information provided above.