Speak Up for

Men’s Mental Health & Break the Stigma.

Your voice matters! Join the #MenTELLHealth community this Men’s Mental Health Month by sharing a short clip of your favourite quote, book, activity, or song that boosts your mental health and mental well-being.

01. Record a Quick Video

In 30-60 seconds, share your favourite quote, book, activity, or song that supports your mental health.

02. Post & Tag

Upload to your favourite social platform, tag or invite to collab with us on Instagram @MenTELL.ca, and use #MenTELLHealth.

03. Spread the Word

Encourage friends to join in—your voice can inspire change and break the silence on men’s mental health.

Men’s Mental Health Month

Every day is a day to speak about mental health and mental well-being, yet their is a stigma that we must help one another break. Get involved today with MenTELL.ca and let’s shatter the silence to help men survive themselves. Click the button below to learn more about Men’s Mental Health Month.